Optical Disks

optical disks


Optical disks provide robust online and archival storage, boasting a  30-year life and allowing a million re-writes. 

WORM disks can only be written to once.

Optical disks are typically used in high-end disk libraries. MO access times are in the sub-25ms range, compared to more than 100ms for phase change disks.

Data is written on an optical disks by both a laser and a magnet. The laser heats the bit on the disk's surface to the temperature at which molecules can be magnetically realigned; then a magnet on the opposite side of the disk changes the bit's polarity to one of two possible positions. While normally done in two passes, a more expensive one-pass method has also been developed.  

Reading is accomplished with a lower-power laser that reflects light from the bits. Depending on how the bit on the disk's surface was aligned, the light will reflect at one polarity or the other, corresponding to the the 1's and 0's of digital data. 

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